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Automation for tomorrow

Digital transformation

System intelligence as the next step

The aviation industry is on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution. What is needed to secure its future is an increase in efficiency, speed and productivity – and thus a significantly higher degree of automation. However, the special conditions of this industry make it necessary to adopt a new approach. By combining innovative measurement, automation and imaging technology with in-depth aviation experience and a close proximity to research, offers the system intelligence needed to bring about the necessary changes. With our solutions for challenging automation tasks, we enable manufacturers and maintenance providers in the aviation industry to take the next step in the digital transformation.

The best of both worlds unites the passion of two market leaders. One hundred and fifty years of collected experience in industrial sensor technology and aircraft maintenance enable us to develop innovative and customized automation solutions.

Benefits for our customers

Efficiency and productivity

Conventional automation concepts are often difficult or even impossible to transfer to the aviation industry. Small batch sizes, high component precision and a large variety of different processes require entirely new approaches and special skills. With its unique combination of complementary capabilities, is the best partner for you: In-depth knowledge of aircraft maintenance, sensor-based automation, 3D imaging and production processes are combined with unparalleled access to research, especially through the Institute for Aircraft Production Technology and projects conducted by the LuFo aviation research program.


Digital expertise

Our team unites special digital expertise with a technology startup's passion for automation.

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Tomas Domaschke

CEO and Co-Founder

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